Academic Vocabulary List 14

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. paper money or currencybanknotenonea. banknote
2. handle or deal with a difficult situationcopenoneb. cope
3. weaken, lessen the value of something, usually by hittingdentnonec. dent
4. without hopedesperatenoned. desperate
5. make certain, insureensurenonee. ensure
6. extremely tiredexhaustednonef. exhausted
7. place where art is displayed for the publicgallerynoneg. gallery
8. giving unselfishly, usually large amountsgenerousnoneh. generous
9. jump a short distance, sometimes on one foothopnonei. hop
10. natural or innate abilityinstinctnonej. instinct
11. absence, deficiencylacknonek. lack
12. a university professorlecturernonel. lecturer
13. course subject dealing with numbers and calculationsmathematicsnonem. mathematics
14. sense, notice, observe through the sensesperceivenonen. perceive
15. a designated political area within a country; similar to a stateprovincenoneo. province
16. impose a penalty for wrongful behaviorpunishnonep. punish
17. give support to, strengthenreinforcenoneq. reinforce
18. in an important or meaningful waysignificantlynoner. significantly
19. put something in a small space for storagestownones. stow
20. change vehicles or methods of transportation en route to one's destinationtransfernonet. transfer

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