Academic Vocabulary List 5

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. noise usually followed by a flash of lightningthundernonea. axe
2. an absorbent material used for washingspongenoneb. blade
3. an arch containing the colors of the spectrumrainbownonec. cage
4. a hole or crack which allows water to pass thoroughleaknoned. cork
5. a substance painted on wood to make it glossyvarnishnonee. crook
6. formed when two ropes are tied togetherknotnonef. dozen
7. unit of weight, one-sixteenth of a poundouncenoneg. emerald
8. instrument used in chopping woodaxenoneh. eyelid
9. a set of twelvedozennonei. knot
10. wood which has been sawed into boardslumbernonej. leak
11. the flat, cutting edge of a knife or toolbladenonek. lumber
12. a thief, criminal, swindlecrooknonel. ounce
13. a narrow strip of cloth used for decorationribbonnonem. plug
14. an instrument used for measuring temperaturethermometernonen. railing
15. a bar which is used for support when climbing stairsrailingnoneo. rainbow
16. a fold of skin which covers the eyeballeyelidnonep. ribbon
17. a precious stone of bright green coloremeraldnoneq. sponge
18. a structure made of wires or bars for confining animalscagenoner. thermometer
19. part of a machine which is connected to an electrical sourceplugnones. thunder
20. material from the bark of a tree, often used as toppers for wine bottlescorknonet. varnish

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