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Enter the correct words into the blanks below. Click on the blank and begin typing. If your answer turns blue, it is correct. If it turns red, it is incorrect.
1. Section 1
Annie: How about   (go) skiing this weekend?
Bobby: Well, I would like    (go) but I am afraid of   (break) my leg.
Annie: Why are you so worried about   (get) hurt?
              I will teach you everything you need   (know).
Bobby: I’m interested in   (learn), but I’m still
               nervous about   (fall down) in the snow.
Annie:    No one expects you   (be)  perfect the first time.
               I practiced   (ski) for many years, and I'm still not
               good at   (go) down the slopes quickly.
Bobby: All right then.  You have persuaded me   (try) it.
               I’m excited about   (do) something new this weekend.
Bill: I decided   (buy) a new  smart phone.   I’m thinking
            about   (get) one tomorrow.
Steve: Oh really?  Which brand of phone do you plan   (buy)?
Bill: I don’t know yet.  What do you advise me   (do)?
Steve: I recommend   (purchase) an A-phone.
           You can use it for many things.  For example,  I use my A-phone   (call) my mother,
            (text) my friends, and   (read) my e-mail.
Bill: Okay.  You have convinced me   (try) an A–phone.
          I intend   (go) to the store right away.
Angie: What do you want   (do) after you graduate?
Julia: Well, I hope   (become)  an actress. I enjoy   (act)
         and can imagine   (perform) in front of millions of people.
Angie: What if you get a job before you finish   (study)?
        Will you quit   (take) classes and go to work full-time?
Julia: Of course.  I can’t risk   (miss) an opportunity to become a movie star.                                       
Angie: Are you concerned about   (not be) good enough?
Julia: Not really.  Everyone encourages me   (develop) my skills, and I know                                        
        I will be successful. I love   (act).
2. Section 2
1. Please allow me   (explain) this concept to you.
2. Ask your friend    (meet) me in the cafeteria.
3. Tommy agreed   (fix) my car for free.
4. Keep   (work) hard, and you will win.
5. After   (finish) my homework, I watched television.
6. Would you consider  (help) me with this task?
7. Jeff is accustomed to   (be) a football hero.
8. Oh no!  I forgot   (buy) milk for dinner.
9. Michael taught me   (play) basketball.
10. Are you happy about   (win) the prize?
11. John’s mother told him   (stop) seeing his girlfriend.

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