Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 14

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Put the letter from each word in the box next to its definition. If your answer is correct, the definition will turn green. If not, it will turn red.
1. acceptance of otherstolerancenonea. arrogant
2. able to exist comfortably togethercompatiblenoneb. astronaut
3. manage or deal well with a situationcopenonec. census
4. cause to be angryprovokenoned. chore
5. a person who is very sociableextrovertnonee. compatible
6. overly proudarrogantnonef. cope
7. connect, attach, put togetherlinknoneg. corrupt
8. without faults, perfectflawlessnoneh. extrovert
9. end, conclude, stopterminatenonei. flawless
10. very rough and unpleasantharshnonej. harsh
11. going to give birthpregnantnonek. laundry
12. to ruin or bring harmcorruptnonel. link
13. evil person, bad guyvillainnonem. option
14. one who makes space flightsastronautnonen. perception
15. counting of populationcensusnoneo. pregnant
16. choice, alternativeoptionnonep. provoke
17. small household job or taskchorenoneq. startle
18. clothing to be washedlaundrynoner. terminate
19. surprise or shockstartlenones. tolerance
20. understanding, observationperceptionnonet. villain

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