Phrasal Verbs - Set 4

Phrasal Verb
back up
bring about
catch up (on)
come up with
cross out
get around to
get through
hang on
look forward to
look into
narrow down
pay back
round off
run out (of)
slip by
straighten up
take apart
trade in
try out
turn over
General meaning
move in reverse; support
cause something to happen
become informed of the latest news
originate or think of an idea
draw a line through something
find time to do something
finish; complete an activity
continue; refuse to give up
anticipate with pleasure
investigate, explore
focus a topic
return payment; take revenge
change a number to its closest approximation
use up the total supply
pass unnoticed
tidy up; correct one's behavior
audition; test or experiment
flip to the other side; give control to someone

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