Common Expressions with In, On, At: Location

Common Expressions with With In, On, At (with Location)
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IN IN the ON ON the AT AT the NO prepositions
General Situation In school at school
in church at church
in jail at home*
in prison at work
in class
in hospital* in the hospital*
Within the building or in the school
enclosed space in the church
in the classroom
in the office
in the pool
in the zoo
On site at a known location at the church
at the school
at the hospital
at the prison
at the supermarket
at the post office
at the bank
at the gym
at the zoo
At an open-air location on the playground
on the golf course
Aboard transportation in the car on the bus
in the truck on the train
on the plane
on the boat
Expressions on campus
on site
on location
in the street
on the street
on the corner
at the corner
on the road
on the way
in the way
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